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This is an updated version of my previous posable robot action figure –

The joints have been completely redesigned, adding sturdiness with a more realistic degree of freedom so it can now balance on one foot without falling over. It’s also more compact and a slightly different proportion to the previous design.

Update – There’s now an image with Vertex side by side with a Lego Hero Factory figure for size reference.

Update 2 – I’ve uploaded a new upper leg stl that’s not as unnecessarily dense as the previous file so hopefully there shouldn’t be any problems slicing it.

UPDATE 3 – There are 2 new zip folders one contains 3dm files of the whole figure and the other just contains the individual joints. Feel free to use these files to create your own designs.

Update 4 – Inspired by Toy story I decided to add a name onto the foot of the action figure although I used the robots name instead of my own. I’ve added an image to illustrate.

Dashboard Widgets Wall Clock

If you’re a visual type of person, here’s a creative clock for your wall that will keep your creativity delighted. This stylish design was inspired by Mac OSX Dashboard widgets. The clocks internals are from Quartex Push-On movements. The icons, frame and seconds hand actually glow in the dark, while the florescent red hour and minute hands glow vibrant red under black uv lighting. This clock is 140mmx140mm (5.5×5.5″) in size. Enjoy!

MakerBot OUYA Console Robodock

Two thumbs and robot hands up for the OUYA open gaming platform! For our partnership with OUYA, the MakerBot Design Team crafted a special seat for the hot new console with robot arms and oversized feet that move. Hoist the console on top to serve as the head, and the cables should sit neatly in the internal cavity.



3D printable bottle and screw cap

3D printable bottle and screw cap
3D printable bottle and screw cap
A small bottle and screw cap that you can print on your 3D printer.

• Size: 95 x 95 x 40
• Inner volume: 139 cm3
• Plastic volume (with cap): 20,5 cm3
• Thread: Screw cap uses same thread as common soda bottles

Nike+ Activity Application

Nike+ data visualizer application, generated as a part of the MakerBot Hackathon, April 6-7, 2013.

The application reads your Nike+ exercise data and generates a Customizable Thing containing your data. You can then Customize your Thing to add your name and scale the model to the size you’d like to print. At the moment, we visualize one week of your data.

The generated Thing has STLs for printing in a single color (use the STL named ‘both’) and dualstrusion (merge the ‘left’ and ‘right’ STLs).

Developers are Robert Carlsen (, Sune Kaae and Laird Popkin (

Customizable Lithopane

Click “Open in Customizer” to turn the image of your choice into a Lithopane! We used the Mona Lisa, but you could use any photo you want. The Lithopane tool generates a 3D model that looks like a rough terrain map.

Download the file, print it on your MakerBot Desktop 3D Printer, and you’ve got a picture perfect pane to hang on your window.

Three cheers for the lithopane pioneers on Thingiverse, such as cymon and pp3dpNL! For more information on this old art form, check out the Wikipedia article here:

Catch More Fish

An automatic hook setter for a standard ice fishing rod.

This device dramatically increases your hookup rate, by setting the hook automatically when the fish takes the bait.

It’s also safer for fish than conventional means if you’re practicing catch and release as it doesn’t give the fish the chance to swallow the hook, you’ll get more hookups in the mouth.

Once triggered, you lift the rod out of the holder and you have a conventional rod and reel to bring in your fish.

The hook setting process is, the fish tugs on the bait, pulling the line
which releases the zigzag catch at the end of the rod. The rod which was spring loaded by being bent, now goes straight, pulling on the line at speed and setting the hook.

This thing makes use of the wonderful Plastic T-Slot by ProtoParadigm for the legs.

Some features:

1. Collapsable with quick release clamps, so easy to transport

2. Will work with the reel handle on either side of the rod.

3. Tested, it really does work.

4. The catch can also be used for shore fishing with a regular rod
and rod holder.

5. Very cheap to replicate !

I highly recommend combining this with “Fish-On Now!” so that you know when a fish has been caught and to avoid tiring the fish.

WARNING / DISCLAIMER: Do not place your face over this device, if it goes off accidently or a fish comes along whilst setting up you could injure your face or eyes. Also you can break your rod if apply too much tension. Use at your own risk.

Also, check your local regulations to see if automatic hook setters are allowed. To my knowledge most do, but Ontario and Minnesota do not.

2 x 6-32 Nut
2 x 6-32 x 2 inch countersunk machine screw
2ft fishing line >= 8lb test

W Engines

No fooling!

Volkswagen wasn’t the first to squeeze the two banks of a V engine together to fit under one cylinder head, but they were the first to wonder what they would get if they put two of THOSE together with a common crank. The result was an engine with four banks of cylinders, which they called a “W” engine (a name that had already been taken by a 3-bank layout, Wikipedia argues the double-vee or WR might describe it better). VW tiptoed in, bringing W8 and W12 engines to market first, but I’m skipping ahead to the ultimate version, the W16. You might recognize this as the layout used by the Bugatti Veyron.

W8/W12 versions now available for download! I will be adapting this new (crossplane!) crankshaft design to fit my VR engine models.